The vegan market has seen incredible growth in recent years. Consumers are not only following the trend due to animal welfare but also for health reasons. They now increasingly choose to become pure vegan, flexi vegan or just exchange certain products for the healthier versions.

The food industry is reacting by offering convenient product substitutes based on plant ingredients aiming to achieve the same eating sensation as traditional non-vegan products.

The consumer of today is more sophisticated and uncompromising on taste and texture, manufacturers must offer products that meet the high expectations of consumers whilst considering other important aspects, like high protein content and free from allergens.

At KaTech we can help to improve the quality of products and give new product ideas. We picked up the trend early on we are in the position of having developed a wide range of excellent technologies for vegan products and have applied the latest plant based raw material evolutions to this sector.

KaTech can help manufacturers to achieve a closer match to the non-vegan alternative present in the market, while considering their preferred raw materials and their processing conditions.

If you are looking for product improvements or you want to tackle the big vegan trend, please get in contact with us.

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